Become a quality connector for authentic community.




We believe a house can have great design and be built from the strongest bricks, but if the mortar is bad, the whole structure comes tumbling down. In the same way, we believe the better the connector, the better the community. We are dedicated to high quality, passion-driven products, services and spaces that become a catalyst for high quality, passion-driven communities.

Ingredients: Passion, Care, Focus, Diligence, Hard Work, Innovation, Creativity, Time, Patience



We believe in the transformational power of community. Our mission is to exponentially increase the value of the network of communities for which we have the privilege to act as a hub. We measure success only by that which adds value to the whole of our community; our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, industry, environment and beyond.

Ingredients: Love, Respect, Honesty, Hospitality, Patience, Communication, Trust, Humility, Care



We believe that authenticity is impossible without transparency. By striving for transparency in supply chains, customer interactions, employee relations and community outreach we seek to build the trust necessary for the authentic bonds that form strong communities. We recognize that we cannot allow the “perfect to be the enemy of the good”, but as we strive for perfection we seek to open our operating decisions to our greater community for the sake of edification, education and improvement.

Ingredients: Honesty, Authenticity, Responsibility, Accountability, Consistency, Communication, Humility, Trust, Openness