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What is a Charter Membership? 

We are half-way jokingly calling this the “$500 coffee mug.” This is a two year membership to the app with a fun coffee mug limited to a run of 100 for each location. That gets you all of the above for half the cost of an annual membership. This breaks down to $20.84/mo, or $0.68/day, which means each coffee is only $0.23. If $500 up front sounds like too much, we offer Klarna payments on our website, so you can break it up into smaller payments. Once you sign up we will send you an invite to our new membership app (

Ok, but how do I get my coffee?

If you’re a Charter Member, just show up in our cafes with your membership mug and we’ll fill it up! 

Don’t worry, there are also ways to use your membership in our app if you left your mug at home. You can skip ordering at the register all together, much like an online order, by clicking “Redeem” at the bottom of the app, then selecting the “REDEEM” button for Drip, Cold Brew, and Tea. You can also scrol down to the bottom and select “Additional items – Order Ahead” for espresso and seasonal drinks.

If you choose to order at the register, all you have to do is click “Redeem”, then swipe down to the bottom of the screen and select “REDEEM IN STORE.” A cute popup will appear with an animation, as well as a timestamp showing you are a current member. Show this to your barista and they’ll take it from there!

What about tips?

We are extremely proud of our staff and wouldn’t be here without them! This was a big sticking point for us in creating this, we didn’t want to create something that would require more work and less pay for our team. After every in-app order, each member will be prompted to tip, even if you are just redeeming a drip coffee. We will also send out a monthly reminder to each member with a tip tally, so they can see how much they tipped throughout the month.

This is intended for in cafe use only. If you’re interested in a coffee subscription for your home or office, please check out the Subscriptions page on our site!

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